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Well, there are many reasons for this, let’s start by saying for whom this photo shoot would not be necessary?. This pre-wedding session would not be necessary if both of you are very extroverted, act naturally in front of the camera and already know your photographer, because basically, this is the purpose of the pre-wedding shooting.

Possibly this is the only formal session that you are going to do as a couple, prior to the wedding day. Here you can see how you react in front of the camera and break the ice with your photographer. The more comfortable you all are, the better result of the wedding report will be.

So you can also see how your photographer works in an environment similar to the day of the wedding. This is very important since that day you will be much more nervous and stressed than usual, you can get quality images if you have enough practice, so with this work already done you can enjoy with your friends and family cocktail and reception. And this does not have a price.

In this same session, along with it or at the end you can exchange ideas with your photographer or discuss some details of the wedding day and so he can be more prepared, a detail that is undoubtedly appreciated.

This pre-wedding photo session is usually enough time before the wedding so you can see the photos, use them in the signature book or share them with your friends or on social networks.

Finally, you will spend a fun day that you will have a nice memory, some great photos to share.