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How do you work?

Well, we like to go early to the house of the bride to see how the family, friends, the bouquet, etc. are coming.



If you have chosen the option with the second photographer, this will go to the house of the groom and will make the corresponding photos preparing with friends, family, etc.

Then we all go to the ceremony, and in any case we will always agree with you the agenda of the day to be attentive to what is going to happen.

Do you offer different packs?

Yes, however we can always offer something to your measure, not to force you to hire something you do not want. We will adapt to what you need and not go around.

What is the pre-wedding or engagement session?

It is a session of photos prior to the wedding itself, it comes as a gift to all the packs, the purpose of these sessions is to provide you with some fantastic couple photos, which you can attach with the wedding invitations or we can include them to the album if you want, and on the other hand that we know each other, you can see how it works and you lose a bit of fear of the camera.

And the post-wedding session or trash the dress?

It is a session of photos of 2-3 hours of duration, after the wedding day with the possibility of taking pictures that day were not possible. On the beach, with the family, the pet, or any other place.

Post-wedding has many advantages that far outweight the “annoyance” of dressing up again, and the best thing is that these advantages begin on the wedding day itself. So, you will not have to worry about the photos of the report and you can dedicate it to your family and friends.

You can be with them at the cocktail and, in short, enjoy much more of the people who accompany you that day, in the post-wedding, we have much more time. We can do the report in that special place for you, or in that completely different environment.

Would you like to have pictures on the beach, in the middle of nature or even in an abandoned factory?

We will not have the worry of staining the dress or if we end up soaked in sand. Neither we will have the pressure nor the nerves of the wedding, and since you will be more than used to see us with the camera around you, we will get much more natural and spontaneous photos.

will be great !

How far in advance do we have to reserve the date?

The hiring begins more and more soon, the couples increasingly clear as they wish to remember this day.If you think we are the right photographers for your wedding, do not delay and get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Will we sign a contract?

Absolutely, yes. The choice of photographer for such an important day must generate trust, and signing a contract is a guarantee that we will be with you all day.

Your wedding is a very special day that should be treated with the importance it deserves.

How long do you stay?

We always know when we start the day, but never when we finish it. After the dance the party takes place, and we believe that it is an important part of your day, so we will stay with you until we consider that the story is complete.

Do we have to go through the studio to hire the wedding?

The ideal would be to specify at least one appointment to meet us in person, but if the distance or your schedule does not allow it, we can do all the procedures online. We can do Skype at any time or communicate by mail, they are the advantages of this technological world, although we prefer that you know us in person.

How long will we have our photos?

You will have the photos in a four to six week.