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Many couples are planning their wedding to the smallest detail, the dress, the lounge, the guest’s position of the tables, the menu, the civil ritual or religious, the party, the music group, the trip, etc.

And the photographer?, Well I do not know, maybe we know someone with a good camera, who takes pictures. I understand that not everyone opts for this option more “cheap” at first, but at the end, it can be very expensive.

After all the effort and money to organize your wedding, I think it is not convenient to order the only thing that will keep the memory of that day alive to someone not professional and I will list five points for which I think it is convenient to hire professionals for this job.


The professional photographer does not have a good camera, he has the one that best adapts to the work he does, the one that gives the best results, and they tend to be relatively new models in the market. We would not be photographers if we were not continually thinking about acquiring new equipment, we always need a new toy.

And not only resources in terms of equipment, but also access to products or services that only the professional can provide, such as exclusive albums, presentations for your photos or complex image editing processes.


In this profession we are always learning something new, professional photographers look every day to impress with their images, it is common that the images or the style that works in a moment, after a time are very visible, which forces us to reinvent ourselves continuously.

A portion of the annual budget of the photographer is dedicated to training, apart from what was invested at the time to become a photographer.


Not only in the presentation of the work but in the whole process, from the meetings with the couple to the day of the wedding.

These meetings are very important to finalize every detail and to clarify any doubt or to know about anything that will happen on the day of the wedding.


And I’m not talking about liability insurance, which of course have to have, but of carrying out the work. The wedding cannot be repeated, everything has to go right the first time. In your photography contract,  will specify a series of important details, such as will happen with those images, when they will be delivered to you,  what quality, and a long etc.

Do not risk something that will have the rest of your life, the memory of your wedding day.


And no less important is the experience. An experienced photographer will know how to solve any unforeseen event that happens throughout the day. What happens if it rains? And if it’s windy? Where do we take photos? With what pose?

Surely if you have chosen a professional photographer for your wedding,  sure he have all these answers and some more.

I hope I have helped you by listing these five reasons why you should choose a professional photographer for your wedding.

Do not leave the creation of your memories to chance, something that without a doubt has no price.